“Community involvement within and outside of the community”

Young Taiwanese American ladies should participate in the MTA pageant because it provides them with an opportunity to embrace their Taiwanese heritage and encourage community involvement within and outside of the community. As a pageant centered around leadership and community involvement, it allows Taiwanese American ladies to act on their potential and learn vital skills necessary for their future. Through this pageant, ladies will be able to build friendships that last a lifetime with their court, all while creating memories that can be cherished throughout the years.

I have gained essential skills needed in professional settings, such as public speaking and etiquette. In addition, I have developed relationships with the most incredible and inspiring women I have met yet. My court has provided me with new perspectives all while building a unique family with everlasting memories. I have been able to reveal my true beauty through leadership and the community service while serving in the court - from the application process, through training, to my year of service. Grit, growth, and grace are all qualities that will be taught and strengthened throughout the process of becoming the next Miss Taiwanese American.

— Inga Huang, Miss Taiwanese American Queen 2018

“Taught me life skills.”

“I not only became more involved in the Taiwanese American community that I grew up with and cherished, but I also was able to reach out to other communities to educate them on Taiwanese and TA issues. 

Although I thought that my public speaking skills were already honed as an attorney, the pageant made me more comfortable speaking to perfect strangers and further sharpened my skills as an advocate. 

Finally, I was able to meet a group of ambitious, intelligent, and poised young women who I can call friends and who inspire me every day. 

I learned that this pageant is not based on who is prettier or more coquettish, as most pageants are wont to do, but rather taught me life skills to become a better daughter, sister, friend, and attorney.”

— Julia Tsai, Miss Taiwanese American Princess 2012


“Definitely recommend this pageant.”

“The experiences and connections I’ve made here will be integral to my journey moving forward. I am extremely grateful to Catherine and all of our dedicated coaches and wonderful committee members. I would definitely recommend (and actually already have many times~!) this pageant for talented young ladies looking to connect with their community and heritage. Thank you so much.”

— Darice Chang, Miss Taiwanese American Ambassador 2014

“I've learned so much.”

“ I’ve learned so much more than I expected I would coming into pageant training. Not only did I strengthen my skills in make-up and public speaking, but also acquired new knowledge of elegance and social graces to positively represent Taiwanese Americans in public events around the community. It was and will forever be a worthwhile experience because the pageant journey does not stop here; I am so excited for this upcoming year. It’s going to be amazing with the girls!”

— Jacqueline Kao, Miss Taiwanese American Princess 2014


“Made some of my best friends through this experience.”

“I made some of my best friends through this experience and we talk almost daily and hang out whenever we can. I learned more about my Taiwanese side and feel more connected to it as well. Although I can’t say I felt completely out of my comfort zone during the process, this pageant adventure encouraged me to get rid of expectations and to look for potential friends even in odd situations.

I can’t say that I would recommend doing this pageant to just anyone because it really isn’t for everyone. However, I can say that if you’re ready to try something you never expected to try, make some lasting friends, get more involved in the community, and put on a great show, then this could definitely be the thing you’re looking for.” 

— Annelise Yang, Miss Taiwanese American Princess 2013